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Wind Horses

Miami, Art Basel

This original series was the first in which Faith-Ann was inspired towards using flags and fabric as a medium for installation art. After traveling to Nepal to help rebuild homes after the devastating earthquake in 2015, Faith-Ann was mesmerized by the colorful Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags that hung dramatically from the ruins and sacred temples. As these 'Lung-Ta” or ‘Wind horses' - inscribed with ancient Tibetan mantras and colored after 5 elements - blow in the wind, the mantras are intended to reverberate out into the world as good luck. After her trip, she created her first flag-inspired series, composed people, places, portraits, textures, scenery she shot while there, and inspired by the 5 elements and colors of prayer flags. Printed onto chiffon, this series debuted at Summit-At-Sea and Miami Art Basel and helped support All Hands Org, providing aid, relief and rebuilding after the earthquake.

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